Giador Lindsay 2

OUr story

If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.
— Conan O'Brien

Giador was founded in 2009 on one basic belief.

It isn't about "selling" anything. It's about a relationship... listening to clients' wants and needs, and serving them.  A mom-and-pop style concierge shop where we subscribe to the idea that your pieces can be as personal and unique as you are. With a passion for timeless beauty that transcends styles and trends,  we help procure heirloom quality pieces that carry your story with them. Specializing in custom design doesn't keep us from hunting down your perfect piece whether it be estate, or the highest standard fashion line . With unlimited freedom from the financial burden of mass distributed/targeted stock inventory, we're free to help you dream and build your custom box. We don't fit in a box and neither should you. From diamond to setting. From birthday to giving birth, wedding to anniversary, and every precious life event in between.

We work by appointment in order to have dedicated time to customize each clients unique experience and cultivate a life time relationship. 

Our goal.... to be a part of the story you pass down, and the secret you have to share.... Giador.