Q.  What is Giador?

A.  We are a private broker that sources, sells and services all genres of fine jewelry. Our resources span the country. We offer everything you’d see in a full retail store, but we specialize in custom and estate pieces. We function solely by referrals and work by appointment, but we do offer a showroom, a hidden gem for our clients and those that stumble upon us. 

Giador stems from the Italian root word- Gia which means God is gracious. The back half, ador...from adore, is meant to signify the love and adoration that motivates the purchase of lasting and incredible fine jewelry.  We believe in loving on folks and work tirelessly to offer them the very best.


Q.  How are you able to save your clients so much money?

A.  We do not believe you have to spend money to make money. We only carry enough inventory to give our clients the unmistakable feeling of what we do, or are capable of doing. This allows us to keep overhead low and offer you a customized top-to-bottom experience. We give you exactly what you want instead of selling you something that is mediocre and we educate you so that your money is best spent.


Q.  What can I expect when I work with you? 

A.  We tailor our process for your needs. We start with a need or a budget and ask questions necessary to focus you and our search. If you know exactly what you want, great! If you have no idea, we ask the questions to bring out ideas that fit perfectly, and are more elaborate and more beautiful than you would have dreamed. Then we put all the pieces on the table and help you evaluate.


Q. If I’m not in Nashville, can I still work with you? 

A. We have clients all over the United States. If you’re out of town (or even in town), chances are you’ve been referred by someone you know and trust. We make the process of working remotely comfortable and easy by asking the right questions and giving you the right answers, so your expectations are met and communication is clear. While it does require some trust from both sides, we’ve worked enough with out of state clients that our process is efficient and far better than a traditional retail experience, even with the distance.


Q.  How can I be sure about your product if I can’t see or touch it?

A.  We have spent six years learning how to ask the right questions and LISTEN! We work very hard to make sure we give you more than you could have asked for. We do this by not filling a store with mediocre mass- produced and sold pieces, but by finding or making the perfect detailed pieces for YOU. We back all of our pieces and have never had one custom piece returned. However, in the case that we simply miss the mark, we will always make it right.


Q.  Where do you get your jewelry?

A.  There is more than one way to skin a cat, so we have a source for every need. For fashion jewelry, we work with the top company (in our opinion) in the industry; Gabriel & Co., New York. Our favorite estate source is our local estate partner. He bids large estates then breaks them down so we can find beautiful, timeless treasures and sell them for less and we have an endless supply of loose stones to suit your fancy. For reworking old pieces, primitive styles and the ultimate classic we work hand in hand with our local jeweler, Jeff Bates.  


Q.  Do you sell certified stones?

A.  The majority of our stones are certified when they are over 1ct. We use GIA and EGL USA labs only.


Q. Why aren’t estate pieces certified by a lab? How can I be confident the stone is graded correctly?

Certifying estate diamonds requires pulling them from their setting and disturbing a piece that (in some cases) is a hundred or more years old. In a lab, these diamonds are evaluated by modern standards, which have evolved since the piece was created. Just as you would not compare the amenities of a classic car to those of it’s modern, it’s impossible to make an apples-to-apples comparision of a vintage diamond to that of a modern one.

In the case of an estate diamond, we grade based on our experience and that of our estate partner (25  years’ worth). We always err on the side of a lower grade so you never get less than you pay for.


Q.  Where do you get your diamonds? How do you know they aren’t blood diamonds?

A.  Though we have hundreds of diamond dealers at our disposal,  we learned early that the industry is NOT black and white. Having a strong, trusting relationship with our resources and dealers is equally as important as with our client. It is only by the quality of our goods that we are able to be superior and back our product. We have only a handful of dealers that we trust and work very closely with to offer you the absolute most accurate and best product at the best price.  Our dealers sell that have only come by way of the Kimberly act (see Kimberly Act for more details)


Q.  In the case of uncertified diamonds, how can I be sure of the quality?

A.  We work solely by referral, therefore we strive to leave anyone we come into contact with, with nothing but positive, elated things to say. To do that, we only work with businesses that function to our standard.  So whether your jewels are with us, or come from a jeweler crafting your peice locally or in L.A., …they want us happy and we want you happy.


Q.  How long does it take to make a custom piece? 

A . Two-three weeks from the day we start.


Q.  How long does it take for a repair job (loose stone, clean and polish, sizing)?

A.  Three-four days on average, but every job is subject to circumstance.


Q.  What is your warranty?

A.   We back every piece that leaves our store, but do not offer a “lifetime warranty” because those are not free. Retail stores work their warranty costs into the often already heavily-inflated price.

We only work with the best and they all back their work as well, so if there is a problem we take care of it. We have NEVER had any piece that had issues requiring repetitive repairs.

In the first year, we take care of any issues that are not obvious neglect (such as slamming it in a door, etc.). After that, we charge you what it costs us to fix it.

The bottom line, we will always make it right.


Q.  Will I get an appraisal with my jewelry?

A.  You will walk away with all the paperwork a retail store would give you and all the service they won’t! This includes an appraisal, invoice and (under many circumstances) a certificate from GIA or EGL USA.